BYOB Birthday Dinner

Last night I went to a birthday dinner for my friend Joree from high school. We went to Ringo Japanese restaurant in Lincoln Park. I love BYOB restaurants, I think it’s perfect for a birthday dinner especially when your with a large group- it’s also waaaay more fun! I’ve never been to Ringo so I was excited to try it out. They had a fabulous menu with a huge sushi list with specialty rolls like the Firecracker Maki (tuna, spicy sauce, scallion, tempura crunch w/ wasabi mayo) and the Dragon Maki (shrimp tempura topped w/ eel, cucumber, avocado, & spicy sauce). They also have an extensive list of entree’s which come with miso soup, salad, and rice- great for those of you who aren’t sushi lovers. 
We started off the meal with saki bombs! We drank Kirin light beer, only (95 cals per bottle)

I ordered a Japanese style bowl which came with miso soup- my favorite!My Japanese bowl was the tofu teriyaki plate which came with rice and vegetables- it was great and had awesome flavor!

My friend Lauren and I also split the Firecracker maki roll (explained above). It was delicious and Lauren isn’t a huge sushi fan and loved this roll! It was crunchy, spicy, and melts in your mouth. I got some eel sauce on the side, I love dipping sauces for my sushi!
Here are some other sushi pictures of what my friends ordered. What a pretty display!

Last but not least desert- green tea ice cream and a fried snickers bar!Yes, you read that correctly- that funny looking thing on a stick is a FRIED snickers bar. It was to die for, I would come back to this restaurant just for the desert. I’ve never had anything like it, WOW!
Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys Japanese cuisine. They have a huge menu, so there is something for everyone. On top of their extensive menu, you really get your bang for your buck because the prices are hard to beat. If you like sushi but not the high prices of the upscale places in the city, then this place is for you. The service was also great, the staff was friendly and our food came out in a timely manner. Definitely give this place a try, I plan on going back soon! Happy Birthday Joree!!!!!!


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