Hangover breakfast

After a late night with the girls, I had to get up super early to head to the suburbs for a Dr. appointment. Unfortunately I was super hungover so of course I HAD to stop at McDonald’s to get some breakfast to hold me over. I decided to get something on the healthier side and got the fruit and yogurt parfait (150 calories). I love that it came with a little package of granola to put on top!
YUMMY!!  Look at those fruit chunks mmmmmm
My Dad met me for brunch  after my appointment and I was craving both sweet and salty. I got an egg white omelet with low fat mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. 

The egg whites were very fluffy and I didn’t like the consistency but I liked the cheese in the middle. What a mess! 
Got some whole wheat blueberry pancakes on the side. I ate more of these than the omelet.
   Some greasy hash browns on the side- they would have been better if they had melted cheese on top. Cheesy hash browns are my favorite when I’m hungover. My Dad got some oatmeal… BORING! He did however help me eat the ginormous amount of food I ordered. 
What’s your favorite hangover breakfast? 
Tip: Just because you are hungover doesn’t mean you can pig out! I understand you want greasy nasty food and that’s okay just make sure you practice portion control so you don’t go overboard. I hate when I eat so well during the week and then I blow it on the weekends. Monday I’m back to sqaure one and frustrated. Choose ONE day during the week where you can eat whatever you want. I usually choose that day to be on the weekend so I can enjoy some nasty hangover food and maybe another treat.


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