Karyn’s Cooked

Last night I went to an awesome vegan restaurant Karyn’s Cooked with my friend Brittany. She knew I decided to explore becoming a vegetarian and thought this place would be a great place to try! I loved this restaurant, it is all vegan comfort food serving dishes like their Sloppy Jo (slow cooked soy protein on a toasted whole wheat bun with our own blend of special sauce) and their Slab of Ribs– for BBQ lovers (a grilled tofu/seitan meat substitution that will fool and delight you).

Brittany and I started our meal off with their Guacamole…

Served with homemade corn chips, raw veggies, pico de gallo, soy cheese & chipotle sauce. We were wondering how the sauces had a creamy constancy since vegan’s don’t eat any dairy (mayo, cheese, sour cream, yada yada). Our server told us that both dips were made with soy cheese. They were delicious- you couldn’t even tell the difference. The chipotle sauce tasted exactly like a chipotle mayo and the soy cheese tasted like a plain cheese sauce.
We had to get some hummus on the side… YUM!
For our entree, we split the Vegan Pizza. A traditional vegan pizza on thin whole-wheat crust, homemade soy cheese, tasty marinara sauce, seitan (protein similar to tofu) and veggies.

We loved the whole wheat crust which was crunchy and light.

This pizza was AWESOME, and you would never notice it was made with all vegan ingredients.
I’m so glad I tried Karyn’s Cooked, I would definitely eat there again. For those of you who are not vegetarian or vegan it’s still a great place to try! It’s something that anyone would enjoy no matter what their food preference is. Check out their menu and also Karyn’s website which has some interesting information for all you vegans out there!


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