Low calorie lunch

Happy Monday! I wanted to start off the week with one of my favorite lunches that I make myself and bring to work almost everyday- Veggie burger wrap. I love it and its super easy to make yourself. Below is a step by step “how to” guide on my favorite lunch time eat…

What you will need:
Sabra hummus is my favorite hummus with the roasted pine nuts but you can use any kind you like. I love the flatout light flatbreads (only 90 calories) they are big enough for this wrap and you can stuff in as much as you want. I also use La Tortilla Factory wraps which only have 50 calories per wrap. For the burger part I used a boca burger but I also love Morningstar Farm’s veggie burgers and also Dr. Praeger’s. They are all low calorie and delicious!
Here are the steps to creating my delicious wrap:
Step 1: Take your wrap and spread 1 Tbsp of hummus Step 2: Add lettuce or any kind of vegetable your choose. I like lettuce for the crunch!
Step 3: Add your burger- make sure you cook the burger before you put it in the wrap. I usually pop it in the morcowave for 1 min, 30 seconds.
Step 4: Roll it up! Sorry I didn’t cut it in half for you to see the inside. I like to eat it all in one piece. Once it’s rolled up I wrap it in tin foil.

This specific wrap is around 205 calories –90 calories for the wrap, 80 calories for the veggie burger, 35 calories for the hummus, I don’t count the lettuce. What a great lunch! I also make this wrap with turkey and instead of hummus I spread laughing cow cheese and spicy mustard.
There are so many different variations of this wrap, just make sure you are using a whole wheat wrap that is 100 calories or less and you fill the inside with some sort of lean protein. I hope you guys like this lunch idea, I would love to hear if you try it or make up your own healthy lunch creation. Have a great day!  


  1. I like to make the same kind of low cal wrap only I use low fat refried beans and make my own low cal mexican sour cream. Then I load it with lettuce, tomato, and green peppers. Try it! It’s delicious and keeps me filled up at work!


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