Morning workout routine…

Hi everyone! Back to work after a great weekend with my friends and family! I started my morning off with an elliptical workout- this was absolutely BRUTAL this morning, but I had to do it!

30 minute elliptical workout:                     min 1-2 (warm up) level 7                     min 2-4 level 10                     min 4-6 backward level 10                     min 6-8 level 10                     min 8-10 level 12                     min 10-12 backward level 12                     min 12-14 level 12                     min 15-16 level 15                     min 16-18 level 10                     min 18-20 backward level 10                     min 20-22 level 10                     min 22-24 level 12                     min 24-26 backward level 12                     min 26-28 level 12                     min 28-30 level 15           10 minute cool down on the treadmill walking at a 4.0 at a 4.0 incline
I then did an upper body workout… I did 3 sets in total increasing the dumbbell weights for eat set.  Starting with 15 reps (8lbs), then 12 reps (10lbs), then 8 reps (12lbs) 
I did the following in this order:

*bicep curl
*shoulder press
*fly (I take 2 dumbbells in each hand and raise my elbows to my shoulders and then back down again- like the chicken dance, haha)
*tricep extention
*tricep dip

You can choose to do these elliptical and arm exercises or make up anything you want! I actually learned the arm routine from a class I took at my gym, I’m not gonna lie my arms are pretty sore today. Have a fantastic Monday!


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