Bosu Ball workout

Hiiiiii everyone, Happy Tuesday! I started my morning off at Define and Refine class at the gym. It’s an awesome 45 minute sweat fest with intervals of cardio and strength training. My heart rate monitor said I burned 395 calories in just 45 minutes- pretty awesome eh? 

Today, the trainer had us do most of our workout using the Bosu Ball. This piece of equipment is pretty awesome and works every single muscle in your body. I’m not gonna bore you with every single exercise we did this morning but if you check out below, there are a few examples of some exercises we did using the bosu. The first exercise is a Burpie Pushup. I found this demonstration from Women’s Health.

Place a Bosu on the floor, dome side down, and stand facing it. With your feet hip-width apart, squat, lean forward, and grab the sides of the Bosu (A). Jump your feet back into plank position and straighten your arms. Brace your abs and do a pushup (B). Jump back into a squat, then stand. That’s one rep.

*Works chest and core

I HATE burpies- doing them with the bosu and adding a pushup is really tough, but you really see results! NO Joke!

Other great Bosu workouts: 

Pretty self explanatory if you check out the picture below. The class trainer told me to keep my butt down! Try and hold it for 1 minute… feel the burn!

Lifting weights:
The picture below shows a tricep overhead press while standing on the bosu ball. We did other arm workouts such as bicep curls and shoulder presses. Doing your workouts while standing on the bosu ball not only makes the exercise more challenging but helps strengthen your entire core. 

Sometimes I lose my balance while standing on the bosu ball but that’s the challenge because your squeezing your butt, thighs and abs to actually stay on the damn thing while doing the exercise. Whew- it’s tough.

Definitely give it a try when your at the gym, it can be something fun and different from your normal exercise routine.


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