Sandwich Savyyyyyy

Hi everyone! I didn’t work out today; I just couldn’t wake up so you know what that means… I’m walking to work, taking the stairs, and walking up the escalator. I hope you guys are doing the same 😉

Today I wanted to give some tips about sandwiches and how to be conscious when ordering and eating them. I mean, who doesn’t love sandwiches?? Here are some tips when ordering your favorite sammy…

-Order wheat, 11 grain, or a whole wheat wrap. There is more fiber in wheat products which will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. 

-Hold the mayo, special sauce, or any kind of creamy condiment. 

**Instead opt for mustard or vinegar. Yes, I understand you mayo freaks want that creaminess in your sandwich but you will get used to mustard, I promise! If you must, ask for easy mayo.

-Load up on the veggies! I just started adding pickles on my subs, love them!

-Stay away from tuna and chicken salads… both loaded with mayo. Don’t completely forget about tuna and chicken salad; just make your own version with light mayo, horseradish, and lemon juice.

-Exclude the bacon… yes it’s salty, crunchy, and adds a ton of flavor to your sammy BUT it has SO much saturated fat! If your hung over that’s understandable but come on people, don’t you want hot bods this summer?!#1 tip when eating your favorite sammy…
Eat it open face!!!! By taking off the top piece of bread you are saving yourself some big time calories. Hey, maybe you won’t feel as bad if you choose to put some mayo on your sandwich (gatta give a little, take a little). You will also feel so much better! Plus, with both pieces of bread you can’t even taste what is inside your sandwich because the bread over powers it anyways.

Yes, you look like a huge slob eating with your sandwich falling apart in your hands (it’s happened to me so many times!) Get some napkins or a fork and knife, and eat your sandwich open face and slowly!


Feel free to comment below on your favorite healthy shmealthy sandwich. Do you prefer to go out or make your own? 


  1. Stephanie says:

    I love adding hummus my turkey sandwiches! It totally adds that little extra something if you're not in a mustardy mood. :)


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