Baby food diet

I came across this article about Jennifer Aniston’s new diet trick, the baby food diet. I immediately thought, is she nuts?! Mashed up green beans and bananas do not sound very appetizing. I remember when my little brother was a baby, I would feed him jarred baby food and find it absolutely disgusting…

So… why are Hollywood celebs such a Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and some of the desperate  housewives stars indulging on jars of this stuff? …Maybe they want to feel younger? 
It’s time to get real, do you really think eating jars of baby food is going to help you lose weight? Here are some pros and cons…
Pros:It’s free of additives, pure and full of vitaminsMost brands are gluten-free and vegetarianLarge variety of flavors (if your into the pureed veggie stuff)Small portion sizesBaby food jars are convenient and don’t require refrigerationCons:The taste is very bland and you probably won’t be very satisfied Small portions can cause you to binge later onNo established medical guidelines are in place for this diet plan
Although there are more pros than cons, I do not recommend this diet simply for the fact that it is ridiculous! If you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy diet and exercise. This is not rocket science… don’t go browsing the baby food aisle at your grocery store so you can sit on your couch feasting on mashed sweet potatoes and carrots. Baby food is designed for a new digestive system, so let babies eat their baby food!
If your going to try the baby food diet, you might as well wear this…

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