Good morning Chicagooooooooo!

Good morning everyone! I started my day off with an early morning walk along the lake with my friend Blair. An anchor from Fox News stopped us in the middle of our walk and interviewed us! We were on the 8am and 9am news… so funny! 

Anyways… here is a new fabulous chocolate find!

Pretzel filled M&M’s! 

These are awesome and only 150 calories for the entire bag! YUM! They come in a blue wrapper so deffinitly look out for them at your nearest grocery store/Walgreens. They are so worth a try! Who doesn’t love sweet and salty?!?
Britt and Gregg’s Engagement Party photos!

Blair, Marnie and I before the party!
Their party was at 33 Club in Old Town. I have never been there before, but the food was fantastic. They served cute little finger foods along with some beer and wine!
Everyone was going nuts over these mini burgers…

How cute? They were delicious too! I even ate mine open faced, ha!

The bruschetta was awesome. I loved the different color tomatoes. Very festive!

The crab cakes were my favorite! They were so tiny and you can just pop them in your mouth!
The party was so much fun! Congrats to Brittany and Gregg, let the celebrations continue!!!!

What a cute couple and happy couple! I love you guys!


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