Healthy foods that pack on the pounds

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I was chatting with my girlfriends last week about how we all eat really healthy but there are still some things standing in our way of maintaining our weight goals. Here are some foods that are indeed healthy but can also have hidden calorie traps you wouldn’t normally think about…

Salads- there is nothing better than an ice cold refreshing salad on a hot summer day. Or, a huge macho salad for dinner. What we don’t think about are the hidden calories that can make your salad have as many calories as a cheese burger! 

Yummy toppings we like to add to our salads such as cheese, nuts, tortilla strips, and creamy dressings add up!!!! Tip: choose only one between one of the “bad” toppings. I like to add nuts to my salads so I skip the cheese, anything crunchy (ie tortilla strips or Chinese noodles), and the creamy dressing. I load up on veggies and use balsamic vinegar for dressing.  

Drinks- So many of the delicious sport drinks have TONS of calories. You wouldn’t even think about popular beverages such as Vitamin Water, Powerade, or even orange juice! When I was in college I used to guzzle Vitamin Water because I thought it was good for me since it is packed with tons of vitamins. WRONG! Vitamin water has about 100 calories per bottle and sugar content equaling the same amount as a candy bar. Their Zero calorie version tastes watered down so I would stick with Crystal Light. Crystal light has zero calories and tastes amazing!!! I love this stuff and it’s also a great shot chaser! Save your calories and drink Crystal Light, they have awesome flavors and you will be skinnier in the long run!

100 calorie packs– Who doesn’t love these?! They are awesome when your craving your favorite cookies or chips. What people don’t realize is that you can’t have more than ONE package! The packages are small and are perfect little portions, but it doesn’t mean you can sit on your couch all night and snack on pack after pack! “But it’s just 100 calories…” yes and those calories ADD UP! If you can’t control yourself and eat more than one pouch then stop buying them! You are just going to be upset in the long run. 

Sushi-  I love that brown rice sushi is available now! What so many people don’t realize is the specialty rolls. Many sushi bars make unreal specialty rolls and people think to themselves “It’s sushi, it’s light and healthy.” Not always the case people! For example, one shrimp tempura roll is about 540 calories- that’s just for one roll! 

Stay away from the tempura frid rolls or anything crunchy. Even though they taste amazing they amazingly go straight to YOUR ass! Tip: stay away from mayo based sauces (spicy sauce) and any roll with cream cheese. Those add on a ton of calories. Stick with california rolls or tuna sashimi… dip them in a little low sodium soy sauce and you’ll be just as happy as you did when you ate the fried, cheesy, gooey specialty rolls. 

Lets start off the summer right! Eat healthy the smart way! 
Have a great holiday weekend!


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