Wash before you wear!!!!!!!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I’m in a pretty great mood this morning because I had an awesome weekend with my friend Melissa who was in town from New York! My friends and I took her out all over the city and we had a blast! Melissa is my friend from college, we were roommates for two years! It’s always hard to keep in touch with my friends who live in other cities because we are all busy with our own lives (work, school, etc) and there is an hour time difference between Chicago and NY. When Melissa came in town it felt like we were never apart, gosh I love that!!!! I miss her already, now it is my turn to visit her in NY!!!!!
On to my post for the day… I was watching the Today Show this morning and saw this:
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I saw their first investigation a few months back and thought it was absolutely disgusting!
Despite this investigation, you should STILL regardless wash your underwear and bathing suit bottoms before you plan on wearing them! I don’t care if you don’t have any clean underwear, do your fucking laundry you lazy sack of nastiness. Throw them in the sink with some Woolite (overnight camp style). I don’t care how you do it, just wash them!
If you really have to, go commando or turn your dirty undies inside out (hey we’ve all done it). These tactics are much better than wearing new undies right out of the store!!!!

Do you ever walk into Victoria’s Secret and see the huge piles of thongs on the tables? People sort through the piles trying to find the right sizes/colors. Sometimes the piles of undies are so big that some get thrown on the floor leading to people accidentally stepping on them. Eventually, the sales clerks put the thrown around undies back on the table all nice and neat. Then consumers like YOU go buy the dirty, picked through, stomped on undies and WEAR them! 
Yes, this may sound OCD but if you watch the link above and really think about it, it’s pretty disgusting…
We all love our hankey pankey’s so get a lingerie bag ($5 at Bed Bath and Beyond) and wash your adorable undies before you wear them!!!!!!!!
Men, this applies to you too unless you buy your boxers pre-packaged.
Lesson of the day… Wash your new undies before you wear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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