How To Create Your “At-Home” Gym

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I started my morning off with some cinnamon oats and frozen blueberries…

I love that the blueberries melt in the hot oatmeal… sooooo good!
Last night I was too lazy to go to the gym and it was getting gloomy outside so I created my own at-home gym! I moved my couch and placed a yoga mat on the floor. 
I bought 5lb dumbbells not too long ago. I decided to check out the workout videos on demand to see what I can do. I chose a 25 minute Jillian Michaels video and a 22 minute video with Harley Pasternak (creator of the 5-factor diet & celeb personal trainer). 
I did the Jillian Michael’s video first and it was tough! Tons of lunges, squats, bicep curls, and spurts on cardio. I was sweating a ton! I almost wished the video was longer.
Harley Pasternak’s video was also tough which began with a circuit of shoulder presses, squats, and sit-ups. The workout consisted of 3 circuits with 25 reps of each exercise. After the circuit he introduced cardio alternating running in place and jumping jacks. I was exhausted afterward. 

Both videos were intense full body workouts. Even though they were on the shorter side (Jillian’s- 25min and Harley’s- 22min) I still got an intense full body workout because the excersies were so intense. I felt like I had a personal trainer in my own home!

My entire body is sore today just from working out in my living room! Pretty great, eh? If you have Comcast, definitely try out some on demand workout videos. They are fantastic and FREE!

If you are lazy like me, buy yourself a pair of 3-5lb dumbbells ($10 at Sports Authority). On days where you don’t feel like hopping on the treadmill or if it’s raining outside, put on a workout video and get moving! It’s a great way to switch up your workouts. I will definitely be using these videos more often, especially in the winter. 

If you don’t have Comcast or on demand purchase Jillian’s DVD’s here and Harley’s here!
Have a great day!


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