Oodles of Noodles

Happy Hump day! Since I still can only eat mushy and soft foods I decided to give Tofu Shirataki noodles a try. Just 20 calories per serving! I’ve read so many articles about this noodle substitute. Last week my friend made this awesome lo mein dish that she found from Hungry Girl.

My Dad texted me Monday night letting me know he was at Whole Foods to pick up dinner supplies. I immediatly asked him if he would pick up a couple packages of shirataki noodles. He had no idea what I was talking about but brought me home 3 packages of spaghetti shirataki noodles! He said “Lauren, these look nasty!” 

He was right. These noodles come in a bag filled with liquid. As soon as I pored the noodles out of their liquid a firece odor took over my parents kitchen. “Sorry Dad…it’s for the blog!”

Anyways, I rinsed the noodles for a few minutes in a colander

Patted them dry with some paper towels and put them in a bowl. I fed the plain noodles (pre pesto) to my dogs and they wouldn’t even eat them (FYI my dogs eat EVERYTHING).

I decided to make pesto pasta with pamesean cheese. It did not turn out as good as I had hoped…  FAIL. My parents wouldn’t even try my pesto pasta :(I am not sure what happened but the pesto and the tofu noodles did not go well together.
However, last night’s dish was a success…

 I made vegetable lo mein! It turned out great. My friend Becky really liked it also. These noodles have NO taste to them so you need to make sure you add as much flavor as possible. 
I started with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and sauteed them in sesaeme oil until tender

 After the veggies were cooked I added some low sodium soy sauce, thai peanut dressing (I know, weird), salt and pepper to taste, and soy vay sauce. It turned out great- better than I expected. I personally think these noodles are better for asian dishes then italian dishes but a lot of my friends make these noodes with tomato sauce as well. 
Here is the recipie:(FYI I didn’t measure out the sauces but this is what I approximately used)
1 bag of tofu shirataki noodles2 cups of frozen or fresh stir fry vegetables 1 tbsp of sesame oil1/8 cup of low sodium soy sauce2 tbsp of Thai peanut dressing (I love the kind from Trader Joes, it’s awesome!)2 tbsp of soy vay teriyaki sauce
Sautee vegetables in sesame seed oil until tender. Add the soy sauce, dressing, and salt & pepper to taste. Once cooked though add the noodles. Make sure the noodles, vegetables, and sauce are evenly distributed. Note: my issue last night was there was a poor noodle to vegetable racio. Remember the veggies shrink! Top with soy vay sauce. 
This recipe is pretty easy and took me about 10 minutes to make. Next time I make it I want to omit the dressing and instead add red pepper flakes. I didn’t think the dressing added a ton of flavor. The soy vay added great flavor I love that there are little bits of fresh ginger in the sauce!
If you choose to try this recipe out, let me know!!!! :)


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