Puffy Cheeks :(

I woke up this morning looking like a chipmunk… so sexy! 

I went right to Jamba Juice and got my favorite (low calorie) smoothie, Mango Mantra (pure OJ, low cal dairy base, peaches, mango’s & ice) I added bananas too. 

 It was perfect! I ate it up with a spoon!
For lunch my family friend brought me some fallafel, hummus, and pita…
It looked so delicious but I couldn’t eat it :(
I got a little creative…

It was still hard to eat but the pita was super soft so I dipped it in the hummus and ate it for lunch. 
Blair and Sarah stopped by to visit me and brought me Love’s yogurt. I can’t get enough of it! I ate it all in one sitting! They made my day :)
Here is last night’s indulgence… Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve with hot fudge. Ah-maaaazing! I can’t get enough ice cream & fro yo…getting my wisdom teeth out is a blessing in disguise! 


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