Back From The Little Apple

Yesterday I flew home from Buffalo, NY and lets just say my trip back was quite the experience…
I was sitting in front of a gentleman eating buffalo wings that were smelling up the entire airplane. You know when you go to a hibachi restaurant and you leave smelling like golden shrimp? I left the airplane smelling like buffalo wings… nice.
A) I know we were in Buffalo and all but are the wings really THAT good from an airport kiosk? 
B) this is why you are fat.
This is what sucks about flying…

you can’t choose who sits next to you or behind you.
Now, if I was on the metra and someone behind me was stuffing their face with buffalo wings you bet I’d move seats faster than I can say Buffalo. 
Unfortunately with flying you don’t have that luxury…
So there I was, stuck on this delayed flight wanting to gag from the smell of hot sauce. I wanted to turn around and ask if he can eat his wings in the laboratory but I refrained myself and starting eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead.
I met an Israeli family at the airport. They told me that they couldn’t believe the large portion sizes that are served at American restaurants. I then reminded them that this is why Americans are fat.
What is interesting about Israel is that there are no fat people, well I’m sure there are but not as many as there are in the U.S. Israelis eat a lot of vegetables, lean meats, yogurt, and cheese. Wholesome foods that are good for your body. This family in particular keeps kosher… Ah-ha even better. 
No swine and no milk and meat combinations aka no cheeseburgers!! No wonder nobody in Israel is fat. Maybe I should start eating like an Israeli!?!

Anyhow, just in case you were wondering, my trip to Buffalo was great… stay tuned, more to come!


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