What’s up everyone?! I woke up at 5:45am this morning to hit the gym. It was rough but I feel great! Last night I had a little chocolate pig out sesh with some girlfriends (hey, it happens!) so it was motivation to get up and burn it off! 

I LOVE candy and so do all of my friends. My friend even brought up that next month Halloween candy comes out… my favorite!!!!!!! I can sit on my couch and eat a bag of candy corn to the face!

I wanted to write a post about candy and a user friendly guide regarding portion control and healthier alternatives to your favorite candy. Here you go!

Tootsie Caramel Apple Pop – 60 calories, 0.5g fat
Charms Blow Pop – 60 calories, 0g fat 
Dum Dum Pop – 25 calories, 0g fat
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (3 Pieces) -50-70 calories, 0g fat 
Jolly Rancher Lollipop – 60 calories, 0g fat
Laffy Taffy Miniature – 32 calories, 0.4g fat
Tootsie Pop – 60 calories, 0g fat
Tootsie Roll (About 1-Inch Long) – 23 calories, 0.5g fat
Black Forest Gummy Bears (10 pieces)- 87 calories, 0g fat
Sour Patch Kids (12 pieces) 105 calories
Candy Corn (22 pieces)– 140 calories,  0g fat

*As you can see above, most of these candies have 0g of fat… this doesn’t mean you can pig out on gummies and hard candies because of this. The calories DO add up! 

If your craving chocolate, go for the mini or “fun” sizes…3 Musketeers Mini Bar – 24 calories, 0.7g fat 
Hershey’s Miniature Bar, Any Flavor – 42 calories, 2.5g fat  
Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cup – 44 calories, 2.6g fat
Snickers Miniature – 45 calories, 2g fat 
Twix Mini Caramel Cookie Bar – 50 calories, 2.6g fat
Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses (4 pieces)- 92 calories, 1.3 g fat
Pretzel M&M’s (1/2 pack)– 75 calories, 5g fat

*Did you know that 1 peanut butter M&M is 11 calories? STAY AWAY from the peanut butter and peanut filled M&M’s!!!!!!!!!

*So, here’s the deal with candy… portion control is key. Calories add up! Stick with the mini or fun sizes and you’ll be in good shape. Yes, we all have our slip ups such as chocolate binges (a-hem!) but c’mon we are all human and allowed to indulge. 

*My favorite treat: frozen gummy bears! I’ll have a small handful, about 10 or so and nosh on them while watching my favorite TV show. They are great when your craving something sweet but take forever to chew since they are frozen! By the time I’m done eating frozen gummy bears I’ve been chewing them for so long that I don’t want anymore. 

This weekend my friends and I went to Candyality

It is a huge candy store that tells you your personality by what candy you choose. We had to try it out! I got a bag of gummy bears (to freeze of course). I was told that my personality is inquisitive and hard working… not bad!

This M&M display is awesome!!!!

Definitely check out Candyality! They have 2 locations, one in the Nordstrom building on Michigan Ave and the other on Southport in Lakeview. 

It’s a great place to explore and they also have great gift ideas as well! I hope this post helps you make smarter choices when your choosing your favorite candy! Have a sweet day!


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