Mish Mosh

I am calling this post mish mosh because I discuss a bunch of random topics that don’t go together. Who’s ready for the holiday weekend?? I know I am! My friend Danielle is coming to visit and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her and our friends!
I mentioned that I purchased the Reebok Easytone sneakers not too long ago. I decided to return them because they didn’t really do anything for me and I didn’t feel a difference after I wore them a few times. I also felt like they were a waste of money. Yesterday, my friend sent me this article about toning sneakers.
If you own toning sneakers: will you still wear them? If you don’t own toning sneakers: will you be interesting in buying some?
I went to Panera last night to get some soup for dinner and I noticed that they now display the calories for each item on their menu! I just stood there and starred at the menu checking out the calories in all their goods! I was impressed! I know in New York the calories are displayed all over restaurant menus. At first I didn’t like it, but now I wish Chicago had that! It just helps you make smarter choices if you see the calories for each item. So, head over to Panera and make some smarter choices by checking out the calories on their menu!
Would you want all Chicago restaurants to display calories on their menu’s?
Have a great 4th of July!!! Don’t be afraid of the 4th if your watching your weight. Make smart choices…
*If you choose to eat the BBQ ribs, don’t eat the fries*Load up your plate with fresh fruit and veggies *Stay away from mayo based tuna and chicken salads*Skip the cheese on your burger *Have no more than 2 tbsp of baked beans *Practice portion control!
If you blow it this weekend, don’t worry, start over. 
Happy 4th of July!!!!!


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