New fro-yo find and more!

Good morning! It is a nasty day in Chicago. I was planning on getting up to go for a run on the lake but that clearly didn’t happen… whoops. 
As you know, I am a fro-yo connoisseur so when my friend Jessica told me about the fro-yo at the Bloomingdale’s cafe Forty Carrots I had to try it. It’s also 1 block from my office!

I had to sample…

Jessica got strawberry and plain side by side with granola

I got coffee and plain side by side with granola

I love that they put the toppings in the center of the yogurt. So great!
I STILL think Berry Chill is better, sorry Bloomies. 
Last night I brought home all my goodies from the farmers market. Now that I had all these veggies and fruit what on earth was I going to do with them? 
I decided to create a concoction…
I chopped up some zucchini and tomatoes
I heated up some olive oil, fresh garlic, and red pepper flakes to make an infused olive oil  I sauteed the veggies with some chicken I defrosted and diced. I made sure to season well with salt and pepper. I also added some basil to add “freshness” to the dish.I wanted to add the chicken and veggies to some pasta but I wanted to stay away from the carbs last night after the muffin and fro-yo I ate. I melted a 1/4 cup of reduced fat mozzarella cheese on top   I spooned the chicken dish into a bowl and plopped on my couch and feasted!

It was awesome! Next time I think I would add more red pepper flakes to add an extra kick. You could really taste the fresh veggies with the basil and the gooey cheese. 
I love creating dishes in my kitchen on my own. Sometimes I don’t even follow a recipe, I just taste as I go and do a little trial and error. That’s whats so fun about cooking. I love it and find it so therapeutic! 
I needed some desert, I can’t NOT have a sweet treat after dinner

I put a cup of fresh raspberries from the farmers market with a spoonful of fat free cool whip. GREAT treat! I even put it in a Berry Chill bowl hahahaha. I have so many of their bowls and spoons.
They have a fantastic rewards program. If you return 10 Berry Chill bowls or cups to one of their main locations, you receive free medium yogurt with three toppings or small Blast. I’m a huge dork and collecting… I probably already have more than 10 of their cups but I use them myself! 
I’m leaving you with this article about how to read food labels. Thanks to my friend Becky for sharing this with me. Interesting stuff!

Have a great day!!!!!!!


  1. I def DISAGREE! I loveeeeee bloomies yogurt my all time favorite! xoxo


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