“Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful”

Hi everyone, my friend Becky gave me today’s post title. It’s a Mae West quote that makes me happy every time I read it, so I hope it makes you happy too! Thanks B!

Last night I went to define and refine class at my gym and it kicked my butt! The instructor DeShawna had us do so many squats and lunges and I am hurting today. I love this class at my gym because it is weight training with spurts of cardio. DeShawna switches up the workouts every week so it’s not boring and I love her music selection! 

My favorite and hardest exercise we did last night was lunges with a bicep curl…

Targets biceps, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. We did so many of them and it was tough! This exercise is a great full body workout and keeps your heart rate up!
Yesterday for lunch I had an awesome sandwich from Goddess and the Grocer. It has become my favorite lunch spot.  
 California dreaming sandwich–  honey maple turkey breast with avocado, swiss, sprouts, lettuce and tomato with lemon mayonnaise on multigrain.

I skipped the swiss cheese to cut calories and asked for easy mayo. I don’t like tomato on my sandwiches so I skipped that also.

 I enjoyed it open face…

Adios extra bread, I don’t need you! 
I’m leaving you all with a picture of a billboard that’s on Michigan Ave advertising for Bebe. The model looks identical to my best friend Jessica. So many people think it’s her!

See the resemblance?
Jessica is the second picture,  isn’t she beautiful?
Have a great day!!


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