Bootylicious Buns!

I am in a great mood today because it’s Fridayy!!!!! Yesterday I was finally starting to feel better so I did a Jillian Michaels DVD which was awesome! It was 30 minutes of intense cardio, weight training, and abs. I was sweating like crazy! Her routines focus on a full body workout which was exactly what I needed. 
I also did Bootylicious Buns which is lead by Stephanie Vitorino. The video was 10 minutes of intense routines that worked my lower body. I have to admit… my tush is sore today! lol 
I found the video online. If you don’t have On Demand check this out…

Pretty sweet, eh? If your lazy and don’t feel like leaving your apartment, do a workout video. It can’t hurt!
 Don’t worry, I didn’t forget this Friday’s “It’s Ok” list which I post every Friday to comfort readers that our dorky little habits are completely normal.
It’s okay to do the following this weekend:
-Wear heels even though you tower over everyone-To enjoy a zero-spending weekend at your parents house-to wear the same outfit your wore last weekend because no one saw you-to really enjoy crying at the movies. As in, sobbingto begin thinking about lunch at 9:30am  -to brag to your friends when your having a really good hair day -to buy the generic brand at the grocery store, don’t worry I won’t tell!-to argue with your cable provider to give you a free month of HBO because your cable went out for an hour.-To go on a trolley bar crawl for your friends birthday!! Woo hooo!
Have a great weekend!


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