It’s OK!

Happy Friday!!! Thank goodness, it has felt like the longest week EVER! Last night I went out with some girlfriends to an event for KiloKai a new spiced rum that is unique and delicious. The master mind behind this new product is also the creator of Effen vodka. What I loved about KiloKai is that it has a very sweet taste, good enough to drink on the rocks. My friends and I enjoyed KiloKai mixed with a ginger beer and a lime slice. It was delicious!

Since it’s Friday and everyone is in a good mood I wanted to write a feature post called It’s OK! I got this idea from another blogger MelissaNibbles and she is hysterical. She got her idea from Glamour magazine. She writes this post every Friday comforting readers that our dorky little habits are completely normal.

It’s okay to do the following this weekend:

  • to take an extra round of shots with your girlfriends
  • to leave the nail salon when they don’t have the color you want
  • to seat yourself at a restaurant when the hostess isn’t there
  • to get annoyed when people block doorways so you can’t get in or out of places
  • to not want to get up at sporting events when the person next to you gets up and leaves 25 times
  • to stay in and watch infomercials and later buy one of the products you saw on TV
  • To dance your tush off this song…

Have a great weekend!!!!!!


  1. A-For the next week, I am making a list of "dorky habits" and will share with you for next week's segment!
    2-Confession: I wake up to Dynamite every morning…it speaks to me :)
    3-Everyone should try Kilo Kai!


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