It’s OK!

Happy Friday!!!!! I am so sore from taking define & refine class the other day. The instructor DeShawna kicked my butt in her Wednesday night class. She had us do a TON of planks which was a full body workout in itself. 
Planks are an awesome workout and you can do them anywhere! To stay up you have to tighten every part of your body. 

Here are some key tips when doing planks:

  • Make sure your shoulders are aligned with your wrists
  • Do not let your tush sag to the ground
  • Focus on tightening your abs

Start with holding a traditional plank for 15 seconds then work your way up to holding it for a minute. Good stuff!
Since it’s Friday and everyone is in a good mood I like to write a feature post called It’s OK! I got this idea from another blogger MelissaNibbles and she is hysterical. She got her idea from Glamour magazine. She writes this post every Friday comforting readers that our dorky little habits are completely normal. 
It’s okay to do the following this weekend:
…to walk home barefoot when your heels are killing you (just don’t step on glass)…to see Eat, Pray, Love and want to make the movie your reality…to do the walk of shame from your best friends place after crashing on their couch…to demand to be taken off speakerphone…to own 3 different deodorants, each brand for a different reason…to be fashionably late on a first date …to get excited for fall fashion!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!


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