Little Apple Eats!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I am sorry for lacking on the posts, I was in Buffalo, NY last week for work (aka the little apple). It was a great trip where I was able to work with my co-workers face to face and get some quality time with my manager!

Last Wednesday we went to the Blue Martini where every Wednesday they have two for the price of one martini’s! They have a HUGE martini list!

  I couldn’t decide which one to choose, the picture above is just one of the pages in their extensive menu.
I started with a pear martini…

Look how big there martini’s are! This place gave generous portions!

My manager Annette ordered the lemon drop martini!

My co-worker Kristy got a sweet tart martini
My beautiful co-workers and I! 
We are missing Sarah and Danielle :-(
Here are some other martini’s we tried…

I don’t remember what this martini was called. My co-worker Darrell ordered it, I called it the foo-foo drink!
I had to order the chocolate covered cherry martini…
I loved that the martini glass was lined with chocolate sauce!
I have no idea what was in this fabulous martini but it was delish!

Chocolate cherry happiness!

I had so much fun with my co-workers! 
My manager Annette knows how much I love frozen yogurt so she took me to get a “wow-cow” at Nina’s Custard shop. It reminded me of Dairy Queen!

Their version of frozen yogurt is called wow-cow which is low calorie soft serve. 

It wasn’t what I expected, it had a super fluffy texture and tasted like fat free cool whip. Not bad Nina’s!!!!

I had to get some rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough on it! Way for me to ruin this low cal treat… whoops!
I had a great time in Buffalo, now it’s back to reality in Chicago. I ate like a fatass when I was there so today it’s back to turkey sandwiches, chopped salads, and of course long jogs on the lake. 
What are you doing to kick start your week? Have a great day!


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