Make a change for the feta!

Good morning Chicago! How was everyone’s weekend? I am so excited to host my first (and hopefully not last) giveaway! 
I will be giving away a Fit & Fresh Salad Pod and free coupon for ATHENOS feta. 

Pretty cool eh?
I LOVE feta cheese! It’s salty and has a creamy texture which makes a great salad topper with many nutritional (or shall I say Newtritional?) benefits. In fact, ATHENOS feta has 1/3 less fat and 30% fewer calories than cheddar cheese (not to mention that it packs a whopping 5 grams of protein per serving!) 
Feta cheese also may actually promote weight loss! Feta cheese contains conjugated linoleic acid which studies show contributes to abdominal fat loss.
 So you want to win? 
Here are the details…
1) Leave a comment below telling me about your favorite feta-filled dish
2) Become a fan of Newtrition on facebook (if your not already)

 Good luck and I look forward to reading your responses!! I will be picking a winner Wednesday evening.

 Have a cheesy day!!!!
(gosh, that was really cheesy) 


  1. hm……… I love the greek salads from COUNTRY KITCHEN!!!! In these greek salads there are huge chunks of feta cheese and it is SO GOOOOOOOOOOODDD!

  2. feta and spinach on pizza! Rocks socks lady!!!

  3. I LOVE feta, esp Fat Free Feta from Trader Joes. My mom makes the best spinach and cheese spanakopta, using feta as part of her filling. SO YUMMMY!

  4. I love feta two different ways – my mom taught me how to make both. First one is this dip she makes for baked potatoes. She mixes feta, cottage cheese and sour cream (all low fat of course). Then you dip/scoop it up with hot potatoes and you're in heaven! The other one is much lighter: cube up fresh tomatoes, cucumber and feta. Drizzle with olive oil and a bit of oregano. Delish!

  5. if you need a quick something to bring to a pot luck:
    take a container of humus and put it in your own dish. add feta and chopped tomatoes and cucumbers to the top.

  6. jessicaashley85 says:

    I love Greek omelets. They come with tomatoes, onion, spinach, and of course feta. If I won the feta giveaway I could make these on my own!

  7. I always add Athenos Feta to my egg whites. It's an easy and healthy way to spruce up my omelets. Delish!

  8. The only dish I like Feta cheese in is Greek Salads. The Greeks know whats up…right Athenos?

  9. I love adding Athenos feta to my pasta dishes! It pairs extra well with a balsamic/white wine/olive oil sauce and some fresh veggies. Yum!!

  10. I love feta in my Greek omelettes and salads. I especially love Athenos and I'm already a fan of Newtrition on Facebook! I'm a shoe-in to win!!!

  11. I HATE mayo, so I sub with Athenos feta in any recipe that requires mayo…mmm feta!

  12. i like feta all over my wiener circle hot dog

  13. You and B must be the New Oprah- I went to the G-store… and all I wanted was a greek salad with Athenos Low Fat Feta! A great Monday night dinner

  14. Feta cheese isn't my favorite cheese, but I am a big fan of Athenos Hummus. Much more inline with my pallet.

  15. Don't wait for grilling season to end before you try a grilled hambuger, veggie or turkey burger with crumbled Athenos Feta Cheese. Add directly into your favorite ground meats, mix and form hand made patties. Feta cheese has great texture and adds a unique flavor to grilled foods. When time is limited, use Athenos Feta as a toping to burgers or your favorite sandwich. Enjoy

  16. we like a greek skillet dish that tastes wonderful with feta!


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