New Burrito Find and More!

What’s up with this Chicago weather?! My umbrella turned inside out this morning on me… wonderful way to start the day.
Anyways, my sister’s friend Darcy contacted me and suggested I try Cedarlane vegetarian burritos. Her favorite is the low fat beans, rice, and cheese style burrito. Since I am obsessed with Mexican food these days I bought a few from my grocery store’s freezer section…

 260 calories, 1g fat, 7g fiber
Popped it in the microwave for 2 min… it was fabulous, gooey, and spicy!

I dipped it in some salsa! Mmmmmmm You can find these burritos in the freezer section of your grocery store! They are perfect when you want something easy, quick, and filling!
Thanks Darcy for the recommendation!

 Last night I made myself a GREAT salad that I want to share with you…

I recently bought fire roasted peppers and onions from Trader Joes. I found them in the freezer section and bought them to have on hand when I want to make salads and fajitas. 
-I sauteed the peppers and onions until tender and topped them over romaine lettuce.-I prepared a Boca Burger according to the package directions, cut it into bite side pieces, and added it to my salad for protein.-I topped my salad with fat free salsa and 2tbsp of Trader Joes cilantro dressing
 This salad was inspired by Hungry Girl’s taco salad but I put my own twist on it!It was very easy to make and filled me up!
Have a great day!!!!!!!


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