Good morning! It’s raining and gross this morning, I walked to work this morning soaked from head to toe. Oh well… could be worse! 

Sprinkles, a specialty cupcake bakery opened in Chicago last week. This popular cupcake shop started in Beverly Hills, CA and has been known for their amazingly sweet taste and variety of flavors. I had sprinkles last year when I was visiting L.A. I made my best friend Jess stand in line with me just so I could see what all the hype is about! 

Last Friday was my Mom’s birthday so I had to surprise her some Sprinkles cupcakes. Since the store opened (at 50 E. Walton) there has been the longest lines outside of the store every single day. 

After work I took the plunge and stood in line for 30 minutes, after all it was my Mom’s birthday- she would do it for me!

  Gosh that line was long… and quite entertaining! Every person that walked by the Sprinkles line had some sort of comment to say, it was pretty hilarious.There were also super friendly staff members standing outside handing out flavor cards.
I also encountered a woman trying to raise money for the AIDS walk she is participating in. She told me she has gotten a ton of donations just from people standing in the Sprinkles line! Yes, I donated!
I finally got to the doors of the store and saw this sign!
No wonder the line is so long…they allow a few people at a time to enter the store.
I finally made it inside…  The staff is very professional and efficient. I was very impressed with how well the store was organized. 
Their cupcake flavors change everyday. I was a little bummed they didn’t have the chocolate peanut butter flavor in stock…  rude.
I ordered a dozen cupcakes including red velvet, dark chocolate, pumpkin, black and white, and milk chocolate.
I brought the box home to my Mom (let me remind you I took the metra home to the suburbs) to find that one of her co-workers already brought her a box of Sprinkles for her special day :-(
So much for my surprise… It’s the thought that counts, right?
She loved the cupcakes! They were moist, flavorful, and had tons of frosting! YUM! My brother ate two of them in one sitting.
It was definitely worth the wait just to see the smile on my Mother’s face!
Will you wait in line to try Sprinkles cupcakes?


  1. Only if you wait in line with me :)


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