Still sick…

Seriously, this cold NEEDS to go away. This is interfering with my life!!!!! UGHHH! Yesterday I was not feeling so hot so I went to Goddess and the Grocer and got some chicken matzo ball soup for dinner!

 It looks a lot better than it tasted. I had higher expectations for Goddess… it had horrible flavor and tasted very bland. I was disappointed and didn’t even come close to finishing it.
Whenever I am sick I crave comfort food. I saw Rachel Ray make homemade mac and cheese and I immediately wanted it! I searched around my pantry and found this…

 I followed the package directions and it turned out great!

It was cheesy, creamy, and 1 serving of it filled me up! It was perfect for my comfort food craving. Too bad the matzo ball soup didn’t taste too good, this boxed organic mac and cheese definitely it the spot! 
Who would have thought?!
What’s your favorite comfort food when your battling an awful cold?


  1. jessicaashley85 says:

    both of those look so yummy!

  2. Okay. The soup doesn't even look good..but that mac and cheese that's oh yum.

  3. so sad!!! totally thought the goddess soup would have been amazing!!


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