Freshman fifteen

Whats up Chicago? Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a fantastic weekend with my best friend Jess who came in town from LA! 

Dining at Sunda!

My little brother just left for college yesterday. As he was packing up to go he said to me “I really hope I don’t gain the freshman fifteen.” Luckily my  brother has a very high  metabolism and doesn’t gain a pound no matter what he eats! I wanted to write a post for all of the college kids either going back to school or just starting freshman year who want to avoid gaining those extra pounds while away at college.
It is so hard to beat the temptation of late night eats, alcohol binges, and dorm/sorority/fraternity food. Here are some tips to enjoy college while not gaining the extra pounds.
Cafeteria food (dorms)– Most dorms have some sort of cafeteria where you eat all your meals. There is unlimited amounts of food and most students pile their plates high with pizza, bagels, nachos, and other gross concoctions. What most students don’t go for is the salad bar! Hello… SALAD!!! For all you freshman, hit up the salad bar and fill your plates up with veggies and lean protein. Skip the pizza for when you REALLY want it!
Sorority & fraternities- Most of the time there is a chef on staff. When I lived in my sorority house our chef made amazing meals such as pastas, chicken Parmesan, and fudge brownies for desert. The food was absolutely amazing and it was so hard to not eat the yummy treats. My advice- SMALL PORTIONS! Fill your plate with a giant salad (no ranch dressing!) take a small portion of pasta and split the brownie with your friend. Of course this is easier said than done, obvi. You also won’t get crap from your friends… “why aren’t you eating desert, are you on a diet?” Noo your not on a diet, your just not eating like a fatass!
Late night eating- This is a tough one! When you have the munchies, you just can’t help yourself! My advice, eat good during the day so you can indulge later. Hit the gym if you have the time, you will feel great knowing you have a big night out and you burned some extra calories earlier on. Lastly, JUST SAY NO! Don’t order or eat the late night food. Say goodnight and go to bed!
Booze- All I have to say is everything in moderation
Drinking is a 3 step process… 

  1. You need to eat something of substance before you drink. Some kind of filling meal with protein.
  2. You end up binge/late night eating in the midst of being in a drunken state.
  3. You wake up the next morning hungover craving some kind of greasy, nasty breakfast. 

This vicious cycle is a KILLER for most college students. I’m not saying to stop yourself from going out with your friends but be aware of what and how much you are drinking. Make smart choices not only for your overall health but for your emotional state of mind. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not remembering anything from your evening. 
Here are some slimming drinking tips: choose light beer,  order your drink with diet soda, drink a glass of water in between drinks.

Other tips: Walk to class, take the stairs, sign up for a yoga class, workout whenever you have the time.
Shout out to my little brother Brett who started his freshman year at Ohio State University! Wooo hoooo!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!


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