It’s OK!

Happy Friday! What’s everyone up to this weekend?? Since it’s Friday and everyone is in a good mood I am bring back It’s OK! I got this idea from another blogger MelissaNibbles and she is hysterical. She got her idea from Glamour magazine. This post is dedicated to assuring you that it’s okay to do the following this weekend…

  • To eat an entire box of candy corn dots in one sitting
  • To make your own coffee at home then realize you want to go to dunkin donuts instead (and get the real deal)
  • To be glad you don’t live in Delaware because if this woman is elected, you might have to stop masturbating
  • To get annoyed when someone takes the elevator up or down 1 floor
  • To watch jeopardy with your friends so you can feel smarter
  • To want to go for a long walk/run on the lake and then say “F it” and walk over to Berry Chill instead
  • To roll your eyes at your co-workers when they walk into your office doing a crazy dance 
  • To search for episodes of your favorite childhood shows on YouTube 
  • To stop worrying so much about everything being “perfect”, and instead stopping to enjoying life

Who’s pumped to see Deadmau5 October 22?

Have a fabulous weekend!


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