Sushi & Saki!

Good morning!!!! I am still so sore from the core fusion class I took on Tuesday, is it bad that I want to take another class tomorrow? I just love the class and I see results every time I take it, this is getting addicting! 
Last night I had dinner with my Mom at Wild Fish for sushi! My Mom is my #1 sushi date because no one else in my family eats sushi… weirdos! As usual we split some rolls and sipped on some hot Saki!

We love hot saki!

We split 3 different rolls…

 Special spicy tuna roll

Lightly fried spicy tuna, asparagus, tiger shrimp, avocado, tempura crumbs, wrapped in soy bean paper, sweet soy & wasabi mayo

 Deerfield Roll

spicy mini lobster, cucumber, avocado, super white tuna with black & white rice wrapped in a soy bean sheet, topped with wasabi mayo

 Turtle Roll

Tiger shrimp over fresh water eel, avocado tempura crumbs

 We loved all the rolls, I loved that the Deerfield roll had black rice- so cool! The sushi was very fresh and the presentation was beautiful! I love weekday sushi dinners with my Mom, she is my best company!
Where is your favorite sushi spot?
Have a great day! Tomorrow is FRIDAY WOO HOO!!!!!!


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