Turning Leftovers Into Awesomeness!

Good morning & happy hump day! I am extremely sore from Core Fusion class. Wow, that class kicks my ass every time! Every part of my body was shaking, even muscles that I didn’t even know existed! It was a great way to switch up my workout and work muscles I don’t normally work on. 
Over the weekend my Mom made a fantastic roasted chicken. I always take leftovers from my parents house so I grabbed a chicken breast and brought it home with me. I decided to shred up the chicken and make it into an Asian style chicken wrap for lunch…

Shredded Chicken

I bought this ginger mandarin dressing last week and decided to use it as the “Asian” flavor of my wrap

I drizzled the dressing on my chicken then added lettuce and thinly sliced red onion

Hello… homemade Asian style chicken wrap!

It was delicious, although I could have used some extra dressing on the side for dipping.
This was so easy to make and all I used was some leftover chicken. Don’t throw away your leftovers, use them in other dishes. You never know what awesome creations you can come up with!
Have a great day!


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