Halloween Candy Guide!

Good morning, happy hump day! My commute from the suburbs this morning was not so bad! I listened to my iPod and read the Wall Street Journal, now I’m ready for my day! I did not end up working out yesterday or the day before and I am still having withdraws from Barre Bee Fit. Anyways, I know I have written candy guide before BUT since Halloween is this weekend, here is a simple guide to your favorite Halloween treats….
Seasonal Halloween candy:

  • Candy Corn (my favorite): 140 calories for 22 pieces
  • Mellowcreme Pumpkins (Brach’s): 150 calories for 6 pieces
  • Candy Corn Dots: 130 calories for 11 dots
  • Marshmallow pumpkins, peeps: 65 calories for 4 pumpkins
  • Popcorn balls: 100 calories for 1 ball

If you wanna stay skinny, go mini! (calories for one mini & fun sized bar) 

  • 3 Musketeers- Mini Bar: 24 calories for 1 bar Fun size bar: 70 calories
  • Butterfinger Miniature: 45 calories. Fun size: 100 calories
  • Milky Way Mini: 40 calories. Fun size: 80 calories
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup mini: 44 calories. Regular size: 110 calories
  • SPLURGE…Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin: 170 calories
  • Twix Mini Bar: 50 calories. Fun size: 80 calories
  • Hershey’s Mini Bar: 42 calories
  • Snickers mini bar: 45 calories. Fun size: 80 calories    
  • *Tip: A mini size bar is about the size of one piece of chocolate (from a box of chocolates). Fun size bars are about 2 inches long and are double the size of a mini bar. Pick ans choose carefully!!!!!!!

Gummies/misc treats:

  • Life-Savers Gummies Pouch: 70 calories
  • Skittles Fun Size Pack, Original: 80 calories
  • Starburst Fruit Chews (2 Chews): 40 calories
  • Swedish Fish Treat Size Package: 55 calories
  • Sour Patch Kids Treat Pack: 55 calories                
  • Twizzlers Strawberry Twists (3 pieces): 120 calories
  • Nerds Mini Box: – 50 calories
  • DumDum lollipops (2 pops): 51 calories
  • Tootsie Roll Pop (any flavor)-: 60 calories for 1 pop
  • Tootsie Roll “Midgees” (12 pieces, 1 inch long): 130 calories

Have an awesome Halloween!!!!


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