Salads, salads, and MORE salads!

Hi everyone! I apologize for being a terrible blogger this week- I’ve been super duper busy. Lame excuse, I know. Anyways, it’s FRIDAY and I’m psyched for the weekend! 
I started my day with a fantastic workout at Barre Bee Fit for the 4th day this week. I’m feeling super sore but I’m loving the results I see. Barre classes have completely changed my body. I’ve noticed my tush a little tighter, my arms a little stronger, and my abs flatter than ever. YES, YES, YES… this is it! I used to be the queen of squats and lunges but barre class has been blowing my weight lifting routine out of the water!
After my workout I ventured over to Whole Foods and hit up the salad bar…

I loaded it up with TONS of veggies and added a tiny scoop of lemon dill tuna for some protein. This salad filled me up! Tuna salad is often higher in cals because of the mayo so I was conscious of the portion.
I love salad and I have learned some great techniques to enjoying a healthy yet satisfying salad without the hidden calories.
Adding cheese to salads packs on a lot more calories than one would think. The ONLY cheese’s I add to my salad are ones with a strong flavor such as feta, goat cheese, or a sharp cheddar. 
Check out this awesome Greek salad… of course the feta cheese made this one!

After I started eliminating cheese from my salads and sandwiches and I didn’t even miss it!
I often pick up salads from Goddess and the Grocer. I just love when my food is prepared for me– it’s a great luxury!

I always make sure to add tons of veggies, maybe some avocado, and shredded rotisserie chicken. Mmmmmm!!!!
**I used to add nuts and dried fruit to my salad for extra flavor, protein, and crunch. Instead I now add peppers, onions, or chick peas for crunch and protein along with a low calorie raspberry vinaigrette to replace the sweetness of the dried fruit.  
When I get the chance, I indulge in Steve Deli’s fat free tuna salad over mixed greens. 

Their tuna salad is so delicious, it doesn’t even need dressing! I don’t feel as bad about eating the tuna because I don’t use dressing. Everything in moderation people!
Next time you order a salad think tons of veggies and tons of protein… I promise you won’t miss the other “bad” toppings you used to enjoy. 
Have an awesome weekend!!!!


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