Get into the gym groove!

Good morning Chicago! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I dressed up as a biker chick with my friends Sarah and Stephanie. How cute are we?

We had so much fun!
I was talking to one of my friends about going to the gym and how difficult it is to actually get there and workout. We all have such busy schedules and it’s so hard to balance it all out. 
Here are some ideas to stop making excuses and get your butt to the gym!

  • Sleep in your gym clothes (Kim Kardashian style). If you’re an early riser it will be so much easier to get out of bed and go because you will already be in your gym clothes. My friend does this and it works!
  • Lay out your gym clothes the night before. You will be more inclined to put them on if you see them sitting out and waiting for you…
  • Bring your gym clothes with you to work. If you have your gym clothes with you, you will be more inclined to go to the gym after work. Pack your gym bag the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning. I personally cannot go home after work to change into my gym clothes. Once I’m home there is no way I’m going to the gym!
  • Hit the gym on your lunch break. If you are able to, this is a great way to get it over with and not have to wake up early in the morning or go after work. 
  • Workout with a friend. If you make plans to workout with a friend you will have more motivation since you have the support of a friend. My friend and I go to 6am Barre Bee Fit classes. She calls me at 5:40am to make sure I’m up and moving!
  • Force yourself. Once you actually get to the gym and get moving, you feel so much better!

New fro-yo find…
Fresh Berry’s Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Great stuff! I love to top it with graham crackers. Mmmmm!
Have a great day!!!!


  1. julie @ rosy + tart says:

    Oh my gosh… that fro-yo looks (and sounds) absolutely amazing! Yum!


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