It’s time to…

Clean out your pantry!!!!!! 
With the holidays coming up there are so many different food drives and salvation army boxes everywhere collecting canned goods. My building has a box in the lobby where you can put your unwanted food to donate to the salvation army. Yesterday I cleaned out my pantry and donated my unwanted food.

Such a great feeling!

Low cal egg nog find:
Who doesn’t LOVE egg nog?! My friends asked me to find a healthier alternative to egg nog and Silk Nog is the best alternative out there!
This soy egg nog tastes great! Of course, it doesn’t have the thick creamy constancy of the real deal but it’s a great replacement if you love nog! Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top or add a little rum and you have an awesome tasty treat that won’t grow your waistline.  
*FYI: 1/2 cup of silk nog = 90 calories which is better than 170 cals for a 1/2 cup of the real deal!

Also a great treat for those of you who are lactose free since it’s made with soy (you can’t even tell the difference)

Have a great weekend!!


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