want a grahamwich?

Good morning! I just woke up and sipping on some coffee in my pajamas while watching the Today Show. Rough life!  Last night I finally went to Grahamwhich Graham Elliot’s new sandwich shop located in River North. I couldn’t wait to try it! 
I loved the decor, bright lights, and sunny yellow colors. It made me feel so happy when I walked inside. The staff were awesome; answering all 12,738,000 questions I had and were extremely enthusiastic (not in a annoying way) about their food. They care about the customers and it showed. I also loved their diverse menu, there was so much to choose from!
I went with the pastrami reuben

pastrami, gruyere cheese fondue, sauerkraut, and 1000 island dressing on marbled rye bread

I opened up my sandwich and it was piping hot (steam rising and all). The pastrami was super juicy and paired with the gruyere cheese, 1000 island dressing, and crunchy rye this was a sandwich in heaven. I could have done without the sauerkraut, I actually picked it out of the sandwich. 
I also ordered the pickles as a side
well… I thought I ordered pickles

these are NOT pickles!!!!!!!!

It turns out their “pickles” are seasonal veggies that are pickled. Their menu clearly explains that but since I’m special, I didn’t pay attention to the description. Don’t be fooled by the pickles!!!!!!
 My friends and I ventured over to the bathroom (unisex) The walls are chalkboard (w/chalk provided)

I think we made our mark

Last but not least….da da da daaaaa

Cinnamon stick frozen yogurt with salted caramel, chunks of pie crust, and apple pieces

heaven on earth!
Sooo I told you all of the pros about Grahamwich, now here are the cons… 

  • cash only: all you plastic lovers be prepared!
  • no modifications: the sandwiches are made a certain way for a reason. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I was very proud of my friends who took a risk with their sandwiches!
  • expensive: if you want a cheap sandwich, go to subway. $10 for a gourmet sammy isn’t going to put a hole in your pocket. You are getting seasonal, quality, delicious food.
  • seating: is limited. Hopefully there will be outdoor seating in the summer.

I definitely recommend visiting Grahamwich in the VERY near future. If you’re not a sandwich person or the menu cramps your style then try the frozen yogurt… ah-mazing! My friends and I had a great experience and we were lucky it wasn’t too crowded since there has been a line out the door since it first opened.
Have a great day!!!!


  1. WOW cant wait to try this one!


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