Bear Down…

Good morning!!!! I’m helping out my Dad today and working as his secretary for the day. On my way to work this morning look what I spotted!!!…

Opening on Chicago and Rush in the Gold Coast! This is dangerous.Breakfast: lemon larabar on the El with my coffee… perfect start to my morning 
Unfortunately, the Bears lost yesterday but I had a great time with my friends at Public House where I ate and drank to my hearts content jealous of my bloody mary?  crunchy french fries with THREE dipping saucesOMG heaven lobster mac and cheese chili mac and cheese
Sharing is caring: Craving french fries or mac and cheese? Split them with your friends! Yesterday my friends and I shared the dishes above and it was a great way to taste a bit of everything without feeling like a beast.
Mourning the loss of the Bears? I don’t think so. 
There’s always next year people!
Until then, go to Public House and try their Chili Mac and Cheese!
Have a great day!


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