I heart Trader Joes

Good morning Chicago!!! It’s freezing and I’m kind of scared to go outside… NOT. Since it’s so cold out, I’m going to hot yoga today to sweat out all the toxins in my body and of course keep warm. Hot yoga is my favorite winter workout, I highly recommend checking out Bikram Yoga in the City.
Yesterday’s Breakfast:
Greek yogurt, with bananas, and honey YUMMMMMMMM
I love Trader Joes fresh affordable produce Where can you get blueberries like these in the dead of winter? hummus, hummus, hummus! My friend Lauren and I are obsessed with their classic hummus Head over to the frozen section and pick up a package of flame broiled turkey meatballs, a favorite of mine! Frozen Steel Cut Oats… ah-mazing The oatmeal comes in a vaccum sealed pack. Pop the frozen oats in the mirco and you have a healthy and filling breakfast. My Bubbie and I LOVE TJ’s creamy peanut butter… it’s even better in the fridge For all you lactards… this non dairy creamer is awesome. You would never know it’s lactose free. Fetaaaaaaaaa I am a huge fan of TJ’s boxed soups. ALL flavors are great, you can make a great meal out of these soups and add a protein. TJ’s did an awesome demo with the soup above and added crab meat… great stuff!!! Jarred veggies are a perfect kitchen staple. I also love their marinated artichokes.
I seriously think Trader Joes is one of the best grocery stores on the planet. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, the prices are affordable, and they have fantastic seasonal items.  
If you’ve never shopped at Trader Joes, go there now!You will not be disappointed.
What are your favorite products from TJ’s?


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