I love leg warmerssssss!

Hi Everyone!!!! I started my morning with a yummy breakfast…

low fat whole wheat waffle with raspberry preserves and light syrup

I’ve been putting raspberry preserves on everything these days!
Yesterdays lunch: egg beater scramble with spinach and feta!
I decided to go with egg beaters instead of egg whites. I have read that there is no nutritional difference between egg beaters and egg whites, I love how egg beaters come in single serve cups. 

As what The Barefoot Contessa would say, “how easy is that!?”

Last night’s dinner:Chunky Chicken Stir Fry My friend Blair, her sister Lauren (Lolly) and I wanted to cook a healthy dinner, and  what can be easier/healthier than stir fry with loads of chicken, veggies, and a light asian peanut sauce?!  Confession: Blair was the one in the kitchen, Lolly and I sat on the couch…lol! I must say, it’s pretty awesome when my friends want to do the cooking, it gives me a break :-) mmmmmm!  Lolly’s spread
Since we are watching our figures (it’s the new year and all) we chose a peanut sauce that was low in sodium and of course low cal. It was delicious!!! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but there is nothing better than hanging out with my friends and cooking concoctions in the kitchen… seriously!
By the way…
How cute are my leg warmers? I wore them to Barre Bee Fit class today and I’m obsessed. I don’t care that I look like an 80’s diva, leg warmers are so major.   


  1. Jessica Ashley says:

    yum looks amazing


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