Luke’s Winter Work-In!

Hello 2011! Happy Happy New Year!!!!! My friends and I had so much fun at the Pretty Lights concert NYE!

how cute are we?

I want to start 2011 off with a guest post from my friend Luke, my Tribune co-worker who is sends me awesome workout and diet tips (my male readers love his tips!). He is also in amazing shape! I get so excited when I open my in-box and find an email from him so without further ado, here is Luke’s Winter Workout routine!!!!!!!!!
It’s winter in Chicago. So, it’s cold, gray, and boring.  The gym is no different. People move slower, take more time, and go less often. Not to mention they bring their germs and sickness in with them – if they go at all.  So, let’s stay healthy and inspired by trying a few little tricks I’ve been using…
-Repetition is everywhere this time of year – you wear that wool sweater once a week, eat the same soup mom made, and you might own extra gloves and hats, but you know you only wear the black ones. So don’t let it follow you into the gym. If you’re a meat head, drop a day of weights and play a sport. If you’re always on the elliptical, don’t give it up, but switch it up – how about 10 mins on that, 10 on a bike, and 10 rowing? Now we’re talking.  I try to mix it up as much as possible. which brings up my next point.
Mix it up: is your workout driving you nuts? is it a Work In, and you’re longing for da beach, some sun, and fresh air? Me too! So, get a reason to go out. You can dress for the cold, you can’t (or shouldn’t) get naked in the heat. I have my dog, and we go out for walks around UIC campus twice a day for an hour each. He’s an idiot and runs around and bulldozes through the snow, while I laugh and forget it’s 10 below – that rhymed, must be the holiday cheer still in me. Don’t have a dog? I bet your friend or neighbor would pay you to take theirs out, or you could be friendly or neighborly about it and see the win-win and do it for FREE.
-Winter in Chicago lasts until mid to late March. “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb”.  It’s the best month to see real change in the city, and it flies by! So make April 1st the day your resolution is met.  That’s 3 months away, and plenty of time to hit realistic goals. Plus, looking good in Spring, means looking better in summer.
Ahhh, but I digress, I’m a guy – a bro, a dude, and often a shlub – and as long as my plain T Shirts and jeans stay the same, I’m happy.  But, all of the rest of this makes me even happier, and I hope it can help anyone else who needs a pick-me-up this time of year.
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