My Mother Spoils Me Rotten

My Mother is the tiniest person on the planet.

When she told me she was on a diet, I told her she was nuts.

brudder, mom, sissy, and I

 However, she did make me this awesome healthy dinner the other night

grilled salmon with roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus

My Mom (aka Jan, Jani, Jani-bananie) works full time as a personal shopper. After a long day, not only did she come home and cook a healthy meal but she grilled the salmon OUTSIDE in the freezing cold.  That’s dedication
Brussel Sprout Prep: blanching them before roasting to get rid of their bitter taste

Jan LOVES her brussel sprouts

Roasted brussel sprouts roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper
 When my Mom makes healthy meals at home she makes a hefty portion of protein (usually sticks with fish) and TONS of veggies as the side. She saves the left over veggies for snacking later.
Some of you might be thinking that brussel sprouts are absolutely disgusting. My Dad came up with the idea of blanching them before you roast them and it really gets the bitterness out of the vegetable. They are actually delicious and GOOD for you!
No joke. 
Have a fabulous hump day!


  1. You're such a beautiful family!! I should try your method to cook brussels sprouts as I'm still looking for a recipe that would make me like them, hehe…

  2. Thanks so much! Definitely try blanching them first and then roast them with olive, oil, salt and pepper. Let them roast long enough so they crisp up! :)


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