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Dear Newtritionista, 

I get the worst hangovers and always crave greasy foods. I sometimes find myself binge eating the morning after a long night of drinking.  Do you have any recommendations for healthy hangover cures?


Dear Hungover,

It’s the worst waking up the next morning and feeling like absolute crap! It’s so hard to avoid cheesy potatoes and McDonalds breakfast. Here are my favorite “cheat” meals that will make you feel like your eating bad.

1) Egg white or egg beater omelets. Ask for low fat or feta cheese (lowest in calories) and TONS of veggies. Instead of potatoes ask for whole wheat toast DRY. That way you are getting some carbs, just not the greasy kind. If you are craving something meaty, opt for turkey sausage.

2) Sandwiches. Choose a lean protein, low fat or NO cheese, tons of veggies, whole wheat bread (obvi), and if you MUST have chips choose a lighter option such as Baked Lays (120 calories for the entire bag).

3) Smoothies. I looooove smoothes! I highly recommend my favorite jamba juice smoothie. Make sure you choose one that’s low in calories and add a protein boost.

Restaurant Recommendations:

Dunkin Donuts: egg white veggie or sausage flat bread sandwiches are awesome! 280 cals.

Panera: I love how they list of the calories next to each item. Pick and choose wisely! I usually go for their vegetarian black bean soup. Low cal and very filling mmmmmmmm!

Einsteins: Who doesn’t love a bagel when your hungover? I’m obsessed with their bagel thin sandwhichs. My favorite is the asparigus, mushroom, and swiss thin sandwich. Delish and 300 cals.

Other tips: Drink, drink, drink! Drink as much water as you can to avoid dehydration. I also recommend Powerade Zero or my friend Stephanie’s favorite PediaLight. You will be an entirely new person.

I hope these tips help you when you’re hungover! Let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,



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