#1 reason why people avoid working out

Because they are SCARED.

The gym is a very intimidating place, especially if it’s a big facility. Everyone is all over the place running on the treadmills, lifting weights, taking classes, looking cute in their decked out in lulu lemon outfits, and socializing…

If you have never gotten into the gym mode, it’s probably going to be a bit overwhelming. Take a breather and jump on the treadmill. The person next to you is not going to notice you (unless you smell really bad) because they most likely have their headphones on and are in their own zone.
The same goes with a taking fitness class.
Most people are scared to take a fitness class because…-they have never taken a class before-they don’t know what they are doing-they are scared they can’t do it-they are scared people will judge them
Listen up people!
Whether you are at a gym or a fitness class NO ONE will be looking at you or judging you and if they do WHO CARES. Everyone is in their own zone and only focused on themselves. Like I said, no one will pay attention to you unless you smell.
If you are not working out because you are scared, my advice is to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. In the end you will say to yourself “that wasn’t so bad!”
Most of the time, the instructor will ask if there is anyone new to the class. I know it is so embarrassing to raise your hand and have everyone turn around and look at you. Find the instructor before the class starts and let them know you are new and ask them for some tips. That way, you won’t get called out in class.
If you are at a facility where the instructor calls you out or embarrasses you, then you shouldn’t go back there again!

Summer is just around the corner, if you are ready to take the plunge and join a gym or get back into working out, NOW is the time!

Who’s working out today?
Have a great day!


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