A little foodie quiz…

Your office caters in Lou Malnati’s, which is your absolute favorite! A variety of pizza’s and toppings are being served including deep dish and thin crust along with a family style salad. You are really trying to eat healthy to prepare for your trip to Cabo next week. What do you do? 
A) Dig in! Your diet starts tomorrow.
B) Only eat the thin crust pizza since it’s less calories than deep dish.
C) Fill up your plate with salad and allow yourself 2-3 squares of thin crust.
D) Only eat the salad.

and the answer is…

C. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite food, eat the thin crust and fill the rest of your plate up with salad so you are full and satisfied.

Mmm pizza!


  1. Diet Starts Tomorrow says:

    Loves it. Diet Starts Tomorrow, Bitches.


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