Tofu Angel Hair Pasta

A delicious low calorie faux pasta recipe that will fill you up and make it okay to sit on your couch with a bowl o’ pasta!
Take 1 package of Tofu shirataki noodles, rinse under cold water for about 5 minutes and pat dry with paper towels. Nuke in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute.
 In a hot pan use few sprays of non stick cooking spray and a dime size of oil. Add AmyLu’s organic breakfast chicken sausage (two links cut in bit sized pieces) and saute until browned. Add a TON of fresh spinach, about half a bag of a bag. Saute until wilted, make sure you season with salt and pepper. Optional: add fresh garlic to saute with the spinach
Add 1 cup of tomato sauce to the browned chicken links and spinach. Let the entire sauce simmer about 3-4 minutes. 
Add sauce to the tofu pasta and you have a bowl of happiness

my perfect bite!

Don’t be afraid to try tofu shirataki noodles, they are fantastic!
Guess where I’m going tonight?!   Girl Talk!!!!!!
Who’s going?
Have a great weekend!


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