A Jewish Easter

Although Passover is a wonderful Jewish holiday, it’s definitely not as fun as Easter. My high school friends and I decided to get together last week and have an Easter party where we dyed eggs, laughed our asses off, and ate delicious food. If you remember our Valentine’s Day party, you will know we like to do it up!
Besides Halloween, I wait all year for Easter candy to hit the stores. The chocolate eggs are my absolute favorite!  hummus and veggies  Time to dye some eggs! As some of you may know I’m not the craftiest personI have the worst patience when it comes to art projects So, I wanted to prove everyone wrong and make the prettiest eggs ever!  sponge painting  hard at work!  my best creation how did I do?  We took a break from dying eggs and ordered in Chinese food from Chi Town menus. FYI they deliver anything!  obviously I didn’t make these eggs but aren’t they awesome?!
gooey butter cake thank goodness it didn’t explode in my oven like the last time I tried to make it you think they liked it?
My friend Lauren made this low fat delicious trifle I will post the recipe this weekYou would never know it was low fat! bunny goody bags
Special thanks to Joree who was an awesome host!
Happy Easter!


  1. your blog just keeps getting CUTER AND CUTER LAUR!!!!!


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