Fashion Friday by Siera Elyse

Each season different things inspire me when it comes to the way I dress. It could be anything from an add in a magazine, a nail polish color to even an old time favorite movie! I truly believe people find inspiration in all different shapes and forms. I find it so moving to see how different people find beauty in the most unexpected ways. Below are my top inspirations this season.

The question is what are yours????
1. Missoni Flats My latest splurge at SARCA was my Missoni ballet flats. I have always had a weird obsession with Missoni’s classic prints but when I found these beauties it was if the fashion gods were answering my prayers.
Inspiration: When I came across these amazing bookshelf I couldn’t think of how much it remind me of my new flats! I absolutely love the idea of taking something as simple as a shoe textile and turning it into the most beautiful library I have ever seen.
2. Clueless  Growing up in the 90’s Clueless was a large staple of my upbringing. Clueless was THE MOVIE. However cheesy and ridiculous this movie was- it really changed my perception on fashion. It showed me how luxurious and talented these high-end designers could be. At the same time it showed me how important it is to stay grounded and always appreciate all the things you have (Even a measly Chanel shopping bag that your friend was just going to throw out).  
Inspiration: I love the idea of taking something as simple as a shopping bag and turning it into art. The worlds leading fashion houses such as Chanel, and YSL deserve to have there logo framed!! They have changed the way people view the fashion industry for god sake! So why not add a pop of color in your home by turning a shopping bag or box into your own personal piece of art work? For years now I have been collecting any sort of shopping bag or designer boxes. However I’m not quite sure what I am going to do with them all- this spring I have made a promise to myself that this was the year I was going to do something fun with them in my home. 
3. Photograph of Wildfox ad Wildfox has always been one of my obsessions. It makes me sick to think I have spent $100 on a t-shirt buttttttttt I love them more then anything. The fabric, the prints and fit just could not be more perfect. Wildfox’s Spring 2011 add has been a true inspiration to me this spring/summer.

My most favorite inspirations from this image are:  1) The hot pink color in her feather headpiece 2. The teal/turquoise color of the water in the pool has always been so calming to me. There is nothing more I love then a turquoise piece of jewelry. 3. Vintage style phone in the pool. How ridiculous is it to have a phone in the pool? Only in a photo shot. However her adorable phone inspires me. Recently I started watching “Khole and Lamar” and feel in LOVE with her rhinestone phone! I must have one!!!!
Credits:*Lauren Weisberg edits 1. www.Kholekardashian.com2. www.freepeople.com3. www.shopbop.com4. www.wildfoxcouture.com5. www.shopsarca.com7.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love Love Love the designer bag art. I am totally stealing that for my guest room, aka closet.

  2. Hey there! The framed bags are actually from my closet. Come and check out some more of the finished images! :)


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