Passover Seder

I’m not very religious, but I grew up in a traditional Jewish home where my parents instilled important Jewish family traditions that have been in our family for decades. One of the most important Jewish holidays is Passover. This is one of my favorite holidays because it’s about getting your family together, telling stories, relaxing and eating amazingly good food! Side note: I don’t have to miss work or go to synagogue.
My mother makes a beautiful Passover Seder every year. This year she had 30 people at our house and slaved away in the kitchen for weeks on end to make the perfect Seder for our family. She is super organized and takes pride in keeping our family traditions alive. Every year she seems to outdo herself and it amazes me how she has the energy and passion to create such an amazing family ambiance. Here is a recap of my family’s 2011 Passover Seder.
 The beautiful Seder table
 Oh how I love this chandelier that was once my grandma Rita’s Passover haggadah book where we read the prayers from Whitney and I at the Sedar table baby Miles hanging out with his Daddy! such a little munchkin face!

Farfel muffins My Mom… makes better gefitle fish than your Mom
Don’t even try to argue with me it’s a secret family recipe Instead of traditional brisket, Jan decided to switch it up and serve beef tenderloin this year ah-mazing. mashed potatoes roasted brussel spouts strawberry jello mold matzo kugel Charoset: apples, cinnamon, pecans, and a bit of red wine
Last but not least… DESERT!

Jan’s signature passover triffle heaven on earth Passover cheesecake for cousin Suzanne’s 10th Birthday make a wish…!

Ruth’s passover mandel bread I could have eaten the entire tray

Not only was it great to see my family but I even took home some amazing leftovers! Gosh, I love leftovers. Who doesn’t?!

I am trying to keep passover this year but knowing me I will probably blow it on something that’s not worth eating. Since I’m not very religious I follow these rules aka I make up my own rules. Duh.

Matzo tends to be very binding, so this year I didn’t even buy it and I plan to stay away from all bread products and eat lots of fruit, veggies, and lean protein.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t broken it already.
Clearly I’ve had no self control in the past.

Happy Passover!


  1. Samantha says:

    omggggggg looks amazing as always!!

  2. Mira Temkin says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. So sorry we couldn't be with you to share the holiday. Alison and Keith said it was amazing as always.

    Mira T


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