Good morning! I am super cranky this morning because my next door neighbor’s baby started crying at 5am and woke me up. I couldn’t call back asleep. SO FRUSTRATING!

On an interesting note, I have been reading up a lot on having a vegetarian and vegan diet and the health benefits of both. For some reason during this time of the year I always have an itch to go vegetarian…well not exactly vegetarian, I make up my own rules. Since going vegan is pretty drastic I have decided to do a 14 day challenge of being a semi-vegetarian.

My semi-vegetarian plan:
Having a complete vegetarian diet allowing fish 2-3 times/week.
Avoiding most dairy products except feta, parmesan, and greek yogurt.
Avoiding refined sugars and carbs.
Completely giving up all artificial sweeteners.

Yesterday’s lunch Trader Joe’s organic veggie burger and celery sticks with Sabra spinach artichoke hummus I bought a TON of celery, cut it up and put it in tupperware to snack on snack: organic bartlet pear Last night’s dinner at Mercadito:cucumber margarita and my semi-vegetarian diet is out the window…
mahi mahi tacos  shrimp tacos  I couldn’t resist
I am absolutely obsessed with Mercadito and I just couldn’t help myself. Oh goshhhhhh
Stay tuned to see how I keep up with being a “vegetarian” who knows how long this will last since I already cheated my first day. 
Have a great day!


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