The Boat Motor

When it comes to electronics I tend to be a little spoiled. Instead of being obsessed with clothes or purses like normal females, I am obsessed with electronics. Cell phones, laptops, cameras, kitchen appliances, etc. So when my Dad surprised me with a new camera I kind of went a little picture crazy….

 heeeeey yessssssssss new camera! my favorite new Sam Edelman nude pumps…btw they are on sale for $45 at Lori’s Shoes.

Look what else I got…
A hand held immersion blender aka the “boat motor” you’re probably thinking I’m the biggest dork on the planet Until you see what I can create with this thing smoothies! boy this was fun

Here is my first homemade smoothie recipe called The Berry Goddess Ingredients:

1 cup of frozen mixed berries (fresh would obvi be better)

1 cup of frozen bananas

1/2 cup of non fat yogurt1 cup of fresh spinach

1 tbsp of honey

optional: 1 packet of truvia

frozen bananas, spinach, & non fat yogurt

I know this looks gross but you have to admit the colors look cool garnished with freeze dried bananas  you would never know the spinach was there Unless you are allergic, which would really suck because this smoothie is pretty darn good

Have a great day!


  1. I want one!!!


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